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“My name is GB and I’ll be your captain today”

Other than the fact that I always wanted to be a pilot and announce this on the PA system, the sentence pretty much sums up my existential philosophy the moment I touch music. I have been around a lot of interesting places and people who have introduced me to many sounds so I feel it is my artistic responsibility to also take you on a journey with or without people when I touch music.

In simpler, less poetic words – I love music and I love seeing people enjoy it even more. My DJ sets are often open format having been influenced by many music cultures (or genres as you might call it) such as Disco, Funk, Hip-hop, R ‘n’ B, Afrobeat, Soca, Amapiano, Kwaito, Chicago house, Soul, Techno, Afro-house, Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Bashment, Garage, Grime, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Rock and more!

I have been djing in Dubai since 2017 with residencies at popular nightclubs, event concepts and radio shows. I promise to respect the culture, the art, treat it with love, teach it with passion and make people happy through music. Wheeeeel it.

*I’m Out.

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